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Talent wins games, but teamwork and intelligence wins championships.
If you’re looking to build, and desire a hands-on approach in creating your new home, Whitten Homes delivers a unique experience that is driven by your vision and delivered with transparency. Unlike other home builders, We collaborate with clients to ensure that not only your home is delivered on time and on budget, but that the experience exceeds your expectations. So that at closing we haven’t just built a house, we have created your place in the world.

What You'll Find


Timeless Architecture

Top Quality Materials and Workmanship

All Work Warranted

Alabama License #25245

Licensed, Bonded and Insured

Attention To Detail

Clean, Polite, & Trustworthy Workers

Uncompromised Construction

Continuous on-site supervision

Extraordinary Design

Meet The Team

The Whitten Family

Brent, Brooke, Paislee, Jack & Morgan.

Kim Henderson

Builder's Assistant/ Office Manager

What People are Saying

Allie Kathol

"What a wonderful company to work with! The owners are so kind and helpful. They are extremely knowledgable about their business and make it easy on anyone looking to bring their home dreams to fruition!"

Jamal Harris

Whitten Homes is building our home and we couldn't ask for a better experience. This is our first experience building a home and they have answered our questions and walked us through each step. The quality and craftsmanship are top notch. I would definitely recommend using Whitten Homes to build your dream into reality!

Blake Walden

Me and my wife started planning our forever home while I was over seas in 2014. we planed and planned until it was time to put it all together. we met with 6 different home builders, doing our homework! but when we met with Brent to go over our custom build, We knew that we chose the right builder. Brent provided a portfolio of our build that broke materials and cost down to give a comfort of knowing how our money was being budgeted. The craftsmanship on our home is absolutely beautiful, We could not be more happy with our forever home. Whitten Homes help turn our dream into a reality and me and my wife are forever thankful for a job well done.

Julian Palmer

Great guy and builds great homes with quality in mind.  

Jason Self

Whitten homes are built with pride and love from the very first piece of wood until you step through the door of a completed home. You can see in the details of Whitten Homes, a true love for the craftsmanship. Take a step up into a Whitten Home today and make a house, your home. 

Tara Bowers

Brent and his team are wonderful! Highly recommend them!  

Bobby Dean

We just recently sold a magnificent home built by Brent and it looked like it came right out of Pinterest. We can't say enough how blessed we are to have Brent as a preferred builder and how we look forward to working with him in the future with another wonderful home built by Whitten Homes!

The Mims Family

Whitten Homes just recently built our custom home and we could not have asked for a better experience. They turned our dream home into a reality. The whole building process was so organized, all questions were answered and they went above and beyond to make everything go smoothly. It was truly enjoyable. If you are looking for a reputable builder who takes care of their customers and takes great pride in their work I would highly recommend Whitten Homes to get you in your dream home! 

How We Build Your Dream Home

The Building Process

We are here to help you through the journey of building, and then living in your perfect home.


You will need to determine how much house you can afford. There are free "mortgage calculators" that you can use online to get an estimated monthly payment. Then, you would need to contact a Mortgage Lender to begin the pre-approval process. Just like any other home purchase, Lenders work to make it possible for homeowners to purchase their custom homes. We will be happy to recommend a Mortgage Lender.

Property Location

If you do not already own your own land, the next step is finding the perfect location to build your new home. Whether it be in a subdivision or acreage, just keep in mind what is important to your family (close proximity to town, a country lifestyle, hospitals, schools, etc). If you need assistance with locating property, we can refer you to a reputable Real Estate Agent.

Design Plan

For most of us, building a home is a once-in-a-lifetime endeavor. Consequently, the right home plan is crucial. You probably have some sketchy notions of the type of design you want to build. Plenty of major options await — two-story versus one-story, traditional rather than contemporary, an outdoor porch or maybe a sunroom. However, putting those ideas together and considering the hundreds of other details that will make

The Construction Process

PHASE 1: Excavation

Construction begins with home site excavation. Your home's position is staked on the lot and prepped for the foundation.

PHASE 2: Foundation

Typically, the first significant construction activity of your home is the foundation. Slab construction: Forms are set and an outline of the new home begins to take shape. Underground plumbing is installed and tied into the public sewer system. After a bit of prep work, the slab is poured which creates the foundation for your home.

PHASE 3: Framing

Framing is the phase where things really start to take shape. Many homeowners think their home is near completion at the end of this stage. Actually, we are still only about one third of the way through the construction process! So while the phases beyond this one may seem much slower in progress, it's because we are getting into the fine details which may not be apparent but are vital to your finished home.In the framing phase, the subfloor, walls, and roof structure are built, and your roof is shingled. Window and door units are installed, and any backfilling around the foundation is done.

PHASE 4: Rough Mechanics

"Rough mechanics" is the term used for the mechanical portions of building including heating, air conditioning, plumbing and electric. This construction phase is a swarm of activity, as plumbing and indoor sewer pipes, your furnace and ducts, and electric wiring, outlets, and switches are installed. Insulation is installed in the walls, and drywall is staged in each room for future installation. Water, gas and electric utilities are also connected to your home.

PHASE 5: Drywall

The drywall phase of home construction shows progress rather quickly. Rooms are separated and divided, giving you the visual effect of each space. Drywall is hung and finished, and the ceilings are insulated. Outside brick, stone and siding are installed; and your home site is graded for drainage and to prepare for the driveway, patios, walks, and so on.

PHASE 6: Finish

The finishing phase is probably one of the most exciting phases. You'll see many of the selections you made come to life. This is when the Builder installs kitchen and bath cabinetry, countertops, mirrors, interior doors and trim, stair rails, and many other detail features. Kitchen appliances and hard flooring - vinyl, ceramic, and hardwood - are installed, and both the interior and exterior of your home are painted.

PHASE 7: Finish Mechanics

"Finish Mechanics" are the visible portions of the rough mechanics. Plumbing hardware, such as faucets, showerheads, commodes, etc, are installed. Switch plates, plug covers, and light fixtures are put into place, as are your thermostat, outdoor air/heat pump unit, and register and return air covers. Carpeting is installed, and your yard is finish-graded, seeded or sodded. This is generally an anxious time for many homeowners. Your home construction process is nearing completion and you are awaiting a finish date.

PHASE 8: Inspection/Final Stage

Once your home is near completion, you will meet with your Builder who will introduce you to your new home and discuss how to operate and care for many of the components. A detailed inspection will be performed by your Builder. He will go through your home and make note of anything that needs attention. Because your new home is a source of pride to both you and to Whitten Homes, we want to be certain that your home meets our level of craftsmanship and standards of quality.

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